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Ensure that the start menu is using large icons right click on start button, hit 'properties' then 'customize' and select the appropriate option. Clear as many icons off the desktop as possible. Standard icons like the recycling bin can be removed with the aid of the TweakUI program. There you have it. A simple mid-range computer system in a nice case with the appropriate software becomes an absolute multimedia powerhouse and probably an essential part of your home entertainment setup.

Keep in mind that unlike other stereo equipment, your HTPC can be easily upgraded with new hardware and software as it becomes available. Find out about this and many other reviews by joining the Weekly PCstats. Every bit of hardware was detected It is lubuntu based and has a very small footprint Great article and extremely useful in determining which flavor a Linux first-timer should try. Once I do decide, please help with the first step.

The write-up does not mention how to get Linux onto my XP machine. Could someone also provide guidance about whether I can keep XP?

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Does that go on a separate partition and how would I do that? I'm writing from a Windows 7 system, but want Linux for my older desktop and another laptop. Here's the easiest way to set up a dual boot. Put the disk in your disk drive and restart your computer. At start up it will boot from the disk, this may take a bit because it's reading the disk as it works.

When it's done click the "install linux" icon on your desktop and follow the very easy instructions.

It will ask you whether you want to erase and use the whole disk or partition it. Give Linux half the disk. This will take a half hour to an hour depending on your pc. When it's done, you'll see a little shield shaped icon at the bottom of your screen. It will be blue with a white! Click it and enter your password that you created. This will update and install all the software. It takes about a half hour. When it's done, the shield will have a green check mark in it. That's how you know updates are ready in the future as well.

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Now you're ready to go, a few things I like to do is open your menu looks just like the windows start button and find firefox and drag it to my desktop along with system monitor, calculator and any other stuff you use a lot. Don't forget to get your add ons for firefox like adblock plus, etc.

When you restart your computer, you will have a few seconds to choose windows or linux.

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If you don't choose one, it will default to one os "not sure which one" Hope that helped. Back up all your important files first!!! Just in case.

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It is self running. Nothing to install. Download the. Insert a blank usb key into your computer. Have the UUI installer look for the. Have the UUI install that. When UUI is complete, shutdown your computer.


Turn on your computer with the usb key still installed. It does not modify your PC at all - at this step! Click this icon - remember, you should have previously saved any important info from your Windows partition - make sure all your info is backed up first The install will give you an option to wipe your hard drive clean or install Linux in its own partition keeping Windows XP and all your files safe. Install Linux in a separate partition it should create it for you.

When complete, turn off your PC and unplug the usb key. Turn your PC on without the usb key installed.

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You will have an option to boot into Windows or Linux. The first time you choose Windows, it will fix your Windows partition since it is now a new size. From this point on, every time you reboot or turn on your PC, you can choose which OS to boot into. Go to the website for the respective distro you are interested in. Download the iso image either bit or bit, depending on your hardware. Burn the iso image to a dvd or cd if u chose elementaryOS Luna. You have the option to either try linux before installing or installing it on a separate partition on your hard drive by following the on screen prompts.

You all are amazing! Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and getting me on the right track. I really appreciate the advice and know your expertise will make this switch a less painful experience. Great article, excellent distro pics. I have been helping people migrate from Windows XP. I don't know why I never thought of ElementaryOS for them. Thanks Danny S and dragonmouth for your reply. As I told you it was long before that I wanted to connect my windows phone.

But I was frustrated so much that I didn't try it any more. Believe me I am having dual boot system in my laptop but I didn't open the Linux even once due to this reason. One more question! I shall be thankful. My only concern is as how to connect my Android phone to linux distro. Is there a way to install the driver so that it detects my phone? Long before I tried every possible way to connect my phone to Linux but failed. That's the only reason, I am sticking to Windows. You should be able to easily connect your Android phone to a Linux computer. I'm not sure when you last tried to do this, but it's seamless today. You just plug it in, and you get access to the onboard storage. You can even tether via USB with no hassle.