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Stretchability of the magnetic nanomembranes is achieved by specific morphologic features e. The entire development, from the demonstration of the world-wide first elastically stretchable magnetic sensor to the realization of a technology platform for robust, ready-to-use elastic magnetoelectronics with fully strain invariant properties, is described.

The comprehensive magnetoelectrical characterization upon tensile deformation is correlated with in-depth structural investigations of the sensor morphology transitions during stretching.

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Presupuesto y mediciones. We design and investigate three-dimensional microhelix coil structures that are radial-, corkscrew-, and hollow-bar-magnetized.

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Rolled-up nanotech is used to fabricate magnetic sensor devices, which are directly integrated into fluidic architectures. Magnetic rolled-up microtubes are fabricated for the first time, and their hysteresis curves are measured. Nanotechnology 20, High performance tubular GMI sensors Arrays of rolled-up on-chip-integrated giant magneto-impedance GMI sensors equipped with pick-up coils are demonstrated.

Nature Communications 6, Transfer printed stretchable magnetoelectronics M.

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Schmidt Adv. Domain patterns of magnetic rolled-up microtubes Rolled-up magnetic microtubes display spiral-like, longitudinally or azimuthally magnetized domain patterns.

Stretchable magnetoelectronics Stretchable magnetoelectronic devices are demonstrated for the first time. Magnetically capped rolled-up nanomembranes In this work, we address curvature-driven modifications of magnetic properties in confined cylindrically curved magnetic nanomembranes. Nano Lett.