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The understanding goals for particular units should be closely related to one or more of the overarching understanding goals of the course. Understanding goals identify the concepts, processes, and skills that you most want our students to understand. Unit-long understanding goals focus on the central aspects of a generative topic. Performances off understanding are activities which require students to use what they know in new ways or situations to build their understanding of unit topics.

In performances of understanding students reshape, expand on, extrapolate from, and apply what they already know.

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They give both you and your students a chance to see their understanding develop in new and challenging situations over time. Performances of understanding require students to show their understanding in an observable way. So performances of understanding involve students in publicly demonstrating their understanding.

When understanding is a prime purpose of instruction, the process of assessment is more than just evaluation: it is a substantive contribution to learning.

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Assessment that fosters understanding rather than simply evaluating it has to be more than an end-of-the-unit test. It needs to inform students and teachers about both what students currently understand and how to proceed with subsequent teaching and learning. Ongoing assessment is the process of providing students with clear responses to their performances of understanding in a way that will help to improve next performances. Blythe, Tina, and Associates, The Teaching for Understanding Guide. The summary includes a mild critique of the Teaching for Understanding project.

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Execution 4. Teaching for Understanding. What is in this Section? The belief behind the Clean Energy from the Sea learning resource is that the result is well worth the effort: Students truly learn and are able to take that learning with them and use it as they make the transition into adult life The key components of the Teaching for Understanding framework are discussed below: Return to Top of Page ——————————————————————————————————————— Generative Topics What makes a topic or concept worth teaching? Issues that foster understanding allow students to gain the necessary skills and understanding to proceed successfully to more sophisticated work in the domain or discipline.

Typically such issues are also of interest to professionals in the field. The interest-value of a topic varies with the age, social and cultural contexts, personal interests, and intellectual experiences of students.

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Accessibility in this case means that lots of age-appropriate resources are available to investigate the topic and that it can be addressed through a variety of strategies and activities that will help students with various strengths and inclinations make sense of it. They give students the chance to make connections to their previous experiences, both in and out of school. They have an inexhaustible quality: they can always be explored more and more deeply.

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    • Selected type: Paperback. Added to Your Shopping Cart. This is a dummy description. Sizer, chairman, Coalition of Essential Schools Walks teachers through the "teaching for understanding" process. The authors offer classroom examples, practical tips, andworksheets to help clarify the process. They also show how toselect engaging and appropriate topics, set coherent unit andcourse goals, create dynamic learning activities, improve studentperformance through continual feedback, and more. Table of contents 1. What This Guide Is and Isn't. Understanding Understanding.

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      The Teaching for Understanding Framework. Generative Topics. Understanding Goals.